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Working with Doctors

Med-Direct's speciality is working with health care providers to assist them in with their claims and billing tasks so they can focus on doing what they do best - treating their patients.

Who We Are

Med-Direct, LLC was established in 1997 and has been responsible for providing outstanding service ever since. Our specialty is in medical claims and billing for our clients seeking to grow and expand their business while allowing themselves to focus on taking care of their patients.

Med-Direct, LLC provides billing service to mental health practices in Connecticut.

About Our Staff

Ginna Swan | Founder & CEO

Ginna opened Med-Direct in September 1997 following 11 years as a practice manager in a mental health practice. She holds a Bachelors Degree from Central Connecticut State College. Opened as a home-based medical billing office with 2 clients, Med-Direct, LLC has grown to include over 40 provider offices. At the helm Ginna has lead staff education, HIPAA compliance, IT development, and billing training.

Kimberly Mazzotta | Office Manager and Practice Manager

Kim joined the staff of Med-Direct, LLC in 2009 to assist with data entry and practice management. She had 12 years of experience as a medical biller and eventually billing coordinator at Middlesex Hospital in Middletown, CT. Kim currently serves as a practice assistant for several offices. In her spare time she enjoys cooking, spending time with her large extended family and many friends. She also enjoys reading and swimming.

Annette Danaher |  Accounts Receivable Specialist

Annette joined the staff of Med-Direct, LLC in 2007 as the accounts receivable specialist. She is diligent at pursuing correction of insurance company payment errors.  She holds an Associate Degree and has 15 years experience as a medical billing clerk in chiropractic and physical therapy offices.  Annette’s duties include billing practice management, accounts receivable follow up, and demographic or credentialing management.  In her spare time Annette enjoys playing with her children and spending time with her family.

Sharon Donsbough |  Intake Specialist/Practice Manager

Sharon joined the staff of Med-Direct, LLC in 2015 as an intake specialist. She is responsible for researching insurance benefits for all new patients. Sharon has experience researching patient eligibility and benefits in diverse settings. Frequently Sharon is asked to provide per diem administrative assisting services in the Emergency Room at Middlesex Hospital.  She has an inquisitive mind and a concern for detail. In her spare time Sharon enjoys spending time with her four children.

Elizabeth Natale | Billing Practice Manager

Liz joined the staff of Med-Direct in 2013 after graduating from college with an Associate Degree in Business Management.  Liz handles the pressure of the billing industry with confidence and conviction.  Liz grasps new technology very quickly and has assisted Med-Direct’s staff in developing new procedures and streamlining operations.  She provides expert practice management services to several of our clients.  In her spare time she enjoys spending time with her husband and two young sons.

Michele Downing | Billing Practice Manager

Michele joined the staff of Med-Direct, LLC in 2014.  Formerly she worked as a pharmacy technician in a large chain pharmacy.  In that position she worked directly with customers and pharmacists in researching drug benefits.  She comes to Med-Direct with excellent billing skills and a keen mind for details.  In her spare time she enjoys spending time with her husband and 2 young children.